The best way out is always through.

Hello February. There is a New Yorker cartoon that perfectly encapsulated how long January felt:tumblr_p32qtodaIx1qav5oho1_1280.jpgJanuary felt extraordinarily long, primarily because it was the start of a new semester (the final semester – gasp) and friends who were off gallivanting for the past six months or so have returned to grace our shores. I’m not a hater, and I would like to think I am not a very petty person, but sometimes I am wrong, because it is pretty frustrating to hear exchange stories when you didn’t go on exchange. Most eye roll worthy bit would be because it was unusually cold in Singapore at the start of January, like 20 degrees celsius, clothes won’t dry, it’s constantly raining cold, but of course the people who spent months in Europe would think it was Summer Time and be all like “Pur-lease, this is cold? when I was in Jökulsárlón swimming in icebergs… hon hon hon baguette”.