Apaki on toast

Scattered thoughts

Sometimes you do some things you regret. Yesterday, I made a cup of hot chocolate right about dinnertime (planned on having that as dinner), but before I had a chance to drink it, I received a phone call and engaged in a phone conversation that got me feeling guilty about making the hot chocolate.

I poured the hot chocolate down the toilet and washed the cup.

Today, I was in midst of having my dinner at a Greek deli — Apaki on toast, was grossly overpriced and had way too much vinaigrette added to its salad — when I received a message from a friend about a piece of news I had not been mentally prepared to deal with. Nothing to do with said friend, but more of my own stunted emotional maturity in dealing with my own feelings.

It got me upset and I couldn’t even deal with the remainder of the Apaki nonsense, except I couldn’t dump this down the toilet (it was $15++) so I shoved the rest of the meat into my mouth while trying to repress those horrible thoughts that always haunt me.

drink more fluids

Scattered thoughts

T-7 days to our flight out and I am feeling very unsettled (surprise, surprise) for several reasons, but at the top of that list is this ridiculous sore throat that decided to plague me over past few days. I tried being a warrior over the weekend, thinking I’m infallible, I’ll let my amazing immune system fix this and prove Darwin right. 

This culminated into a severe coughing fit at the breakfast table this morning and the mother launching into a lecture on my inadequate water consumption. Since then I’ve seen the doctor, taken 3 different little pills and jugged down 3 bottles worth of water. All in all a good day and I should be on my road to recovery, if not the road to the washroom (again).