tragedy of the commons

Thank heavens for small favours, because I managed to secure a spot for the last remaining non-law module I am forced to have to take, with a ridiculous bid amount of e$123.45. I know it’s virtual currency with zero real world consequences, but it did sadden me that I had to give up such a gargantuan sum for a module I harbour so much pre-existing bitterness towards. It wasn’t even a module I strongly wanted to take nor was it a highly raved professor; I literally settled for the one class that fit in my timetable that had a space left.

But I should be grateful, because now my timetable is more or less the way I want it, with classes only on the first three days of the work week. I get what is essentially a four day weekend (and to quote Val, a perfect opportunity to go on weekend getaways) (but with what money though?) which has never happened in the past three years. And with today being Wednesday, I’ve officially finished my first week of my last year in law school, which is quite a scary thought.

My modules are an eclectic mix this semester; a combination of (i) what I have been forced to take, (ii) what I felt I should take, (iii) what I heard would be easy, and (iv) what that had no finals.

Classes have been brutal, because of professors who want to cling relentlessly onto the one point raised by student X even though it didn’t seem remotely relevant to the original question, or professors who do not know how to time their mid-class breaks (clue: it should be mid-class). I’m taking this funny little module called “Creative Thinking”, but the professor did not seem to appreciate it when someone offered an answer that differed from what he had in mind.

I also spent more money on coffee than actual food in the past three days combined, which is a little worrying. I need to control my urges to give in to Capitalism (which is a concept that actually came up in all three of my law classes this week – what an interesting trend).


twenty two

Here is a haiku of me turning 22:

was sick yesterday

was also sick this morning

bought cake and ate it

And here is a capybara having what looks like a really rad birthday (the Internet truly delivers):


Opinion on things

On music: The La La Land soundtrack would be so much more enjoyable if they actually got properly trained performers to sing it. A Lovely Night was akin to sandpapering my ears. And no, I’m not saying I can sing better (or sing at all) but you don’t see me getting paid to do something I’m not good at right? I would think the same standards should apply universally.

On coffee: I specifically asked for kopi siew dai peng but the drinks stall lady just poured the pre-made kopi into a cup of ice. I wasn’t giving you a choice, auntie.

On professors who promised to upload their midterm review to aid our revision for finals but it’s less than 24 hours to the paper and still nothing: I’m not saying I hate you, but if you were on fire and I had water, I’d drink it.