Borough Market


2017-03-22 09.58.56

Our penultimate stop in London – Borough Market. We read about a couple of markets (this, Camden, Portobello, Brick Lane, the last of which QJ recommends for quirky, hipster-y items) but I’m glad Borough can be called my first London market experience because it is food haven.

2017-03-22 10.01.56

2017-03-22 10.02.20

2017-03-22 10.02.35

2017-03-22 10.12.27

All the baked stuff looked and smelt like heaven but they were a bit too pricey for me……..

2017-03-22 10.14.14

2017-03-22 10.25.27

2017-03-22 10.29.15

2017-03-22 10.31.17

2017-03-22 10.51.30

2017-03-22 10.54.43

2017-03-22 11.05.54

Yes!!! So glad I managed to try these here. A bit salty but still delicious nonetheless.

2017-03-22 11.15.42

Our second drink of the day. I drank like a queen at Borough Market – had the yummiest masala chai first, followed by a cup of mocha from this little stall. I don’t know if it was what chocolate they used (raw cacao?) or how they made their coffee, but hands down the best mocha I had in my life.

2017-03-22 11.18.14

More goodies that I’d eat if I had the money (and the calories) to spare

2017-03-22 11.36.26

Oysters at £2.50 each. Oh it was so good….

2017-03-22 11.48.03


2017-03-22 11.45.23

First encounter with sea urchin… tasted seafood-y but I didn’t hate it, and I definitely can go for it again. This was £3 if I remember correctly.

2017-03-22 11.55.43

So pleased I couldn’t keep my eyes open.


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