So it is currently 5.55am and I can’t for the love of God go back to sleep (jet lag, body clock et al) so I’m going through my photos on my phone and here are some highlights without my face in them. Managed to weave in some sightseeing in between/after the competition but most of the photos are really just taken while we were out and about getting ourselves fed. Trust the Great Britain to make walking along the street picturesque.

2017-03-14 11.11.59.jpg

2017-03-14 11.27.30.jpg

First meal after we landed (and the start of these breakfasts for the next 10 days)

2017-03-14 12.33.52

Oblig Radcliffe Camera photo

2017-03-14 12.40.59.jpg2017-03-14 13.14.41.jpg

2017-03-14 13.49.53.jpg

Pembroke College, where we stayed. Very fancy, very old, very different from what I’m used to.

2017-03-15 11.00.14.jpg

Fruits because health is wealth………. who am I kidding. I actually got sick again and I need to go see the doctor later today

2017-03-16 11.50.14.jpg

2017-03-16 21.14.24.jpg

Ice cream!!!

2017-03-18 11.49.37.jpg2017-03-18 22.33.48.jpg

2017-03-19 09.55.34.jpg

Final meal in Oxford where I had the only scone on this entire trip (which tasted lacklustre and  I could get better ones from Four Leaves).

2017-03-19 12.09.51.jpg

Bridge of Sighs

2017-03-19 21.17.30.jpg

Some random acquaintances lol k no the 3 people who kept me semi-sane (while successfully driving me crazy) during this trip


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