My favourite parts of Macau


This is really just a photo dump of Macau from my trip in December, but of the Macau I liked. Cotai Strip (supposedly Asia’s answer to Vegas) was, in my opinion, unnecessarily opulent to the extent that it really felt like it was overcompensating. The other parts of Macau was charmingly wonderful though. I would go back again just to bask in it all… and maybe to enjoy the free samples from Ko Kei Bakery again.


Start of Senado Square, which is pretty much the #1 tourist place to visit, easily contending (and winning) the Cotai Strip. The Portuguese/European influence is overwhelmingly evident, from the cobbled pavements to the architecture.



My favourite building along the Square


It was Christmas, so mandatory Christmas lights. I reckoned it must have looked amazing at night, but we never found out.


Macau yong tau foo. Not in the picture is how this was our 3rd food stop after lunch (curry fishballs, pork chop buns). Oh Macau, stay delicious.


Can’t say you’ve been to Macau if you didn’t see this wall.


Close up of aforementioned wall.


On the other side. Tourists… tourists everywhere. The good thing is that there is bound to be someone who is around to help you take a group shot? Quid pro quo.


From the top of the Monte Fort, which is just next to the St. Paul’s Ruins. There was actually an escalator leading up to the top (via the museum) but miscommunication between me and the signages led my entire family to walk uphill. But it’s okay, because the weather made the walk great, plus it was a nice way to burn off the gazillion Ko Kei samples I had earlier. Quid pro quo once again.


Dad being…. dad. He’s pointing at China and reminding us of our roots.


Macau Tower. A bit pricey to go up but it is always sweet to be able to enjoy any place from the top. We wound up spending an entire late afternoon/evening there just enjoying the views.


We spent the morning on our last day at Coloane Village. It was serendipitous because while planning the trip I had read before that we should go visit Coloane, but it seemed too far out so I was going to scrape it. But when we got to Macau, my brother adamantly insisted that we went to the original Lord Stow bakery (which was actually at Coloane) and we wound up there. He even took charge that day, looking up the bus routes to get there and back. Bless him and his devotion to food.

2016-12-16 10.50.21

Macau bus adventures

2016-12-16 11.12.35


2016-12-16 11.12.44

Breakfast views. 10/10 will recommend going down to Coloane for breakfast! While Lord Stow does not actually have seating areas, there are public benches, some with tables, where you can have a decent meal. Everyone else around you will be eating Lord Stow stuff as well, so no shame. Just next to us was also a takeaway coffee joint where we got our morning cuppa since Lord Stow didn’t sell hot drinks. It was pretty perfect.

2016-12-16 11.45.51

2016-12-16 11.47.20.jpg


So quaint and unlike the earlier two days we spent in Macau.



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